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Finger-In Cup by Fanson Meng


“This specialized kitchen equipment is suitable for a variety of impairments including fractures, permanent disabilities or paralysis to one side of the body. Designed for both left-handed and right-handed people, these tools are easily used with one hand, regardless of which is impaired.

All kitchen equipment consists of 7 elements, which help users to prepare food with one hand. Several fixing elements and non-slip rubbers keep the equipment still while in use. The brown pieces identify the moving parts in the system. The top board is used for food preparation and the bottom board is the cutting board. When both boards are working together, they keep the food stable allowing the user to cut with one hand. All kitchen equipment is easily detachable and all elements are washable.”

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This is fantastic.


This is fantastic.


The Floating Mug is inspired by a Banana holder to integrate a coaster into the mug. A Kickstarter project by A love supreme production.


cheungvogl architects | installation aesop at i.t. hysan one, hongkong 



Wow. Just wow. I wish I could design/create/build this stuff! Awesome set designs for the Austrian Bregenz Festival. The entire set floats on the lake!

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